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Excellence is in Maiori

Enjoy Bistrot, Enjoy Bistrot, your waterfront hangout

Our history has always been characterized by the pursuit of excellence. Since the opening of Enjoy Bistrot, choosing a location in front of the sea, right on the Maiori seafront, we wanted to give our customers an experience that combined taste, excellence, and the pleasure of being together at all times of the day.

Enjoy Bistrot is a refined, bright, welcoming location, open to private events for all ages, but also enlivened by musical evenings for the youngest, in a central location, where you can lunch and dine, have breakfast or simply sip a glass of wine or a cocktail while enjoying the sea breeze or enjoy an evening to the rhythm of the most in-demand DJsets of the Amalfi Coast toasting with the best champagnes.

From the moment we opened, we have never stopped, intent on improving our proposal, enhancing more and more territorial excellence.

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Our continuous search for excellence and the desire to offer products of the highest quality while enhancing territoriality have driven us to embark on an exciting adventure that we are sure will enchant you. We have increasingly combined the quality of unique products from small artisan companies in Campania and Italy, the selection of the best wines and the guarantee of a network of certified producers of excellence.

Excellence means choosing the highest quality at all stages, starting with the preparation of the dough. We use only low-glycemic and highly digestible flour with a long rising process for our pizzas, thanks to a bioavailability of soluble fiber that is about 30 percent higher than a traditional flour. You will thus have the ideal dough for taking care of one’s health, starting with nutrition, and suitable for those with diabetes. The ingredients are the result of a careful search for excellence: the Tomatoes and EVO DOP oils and those made with a single variety of olives, the salami and artisan cheeses. Special attention is also paid to the seasoning, with Evo oil, at the table, raw.

Enjoy Bistrot is the ideal choice for tasting excellent food in an excellent location and enjoying the show of excellence of the Amalfi Coast.